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“Man stands in his own shadow and wonders why it’s dark.”  ~ Zen Proverb

I am of French origin and have been living in the San Francisco Bay Area for over ten years. I was trained in sensory emotional regulation in France by Luc Nicon, in 2009.

After 10 years of close collaboration with him and the Tipi organization in France and in the US, I am the only expert certified to teach his work in English-speaking countries.

During my years of work with Mr. Nicon, I have developed complete mastery of the physiologic capacity for permanent emotional regulation, for myself and to help others.

I have been able to measure on myself and hundreds of clients the effectiveness and speed at which emotional or behavioral patterns, even those that are very old, can be permanently regulated when we allow the body to do its work.

I decided to make this discovery for emotional regulation available to the greater public through education and offering high-quality trainings.
Link to Official Tipi Site: https://bit.ly/2OriS9s

A few words

For a long time I have wondered:

why do people hesitate to participate in a session for emotional regulation? Why is it so hard for them to let go of their emotional difficulties? They have nothing to lose!
Don’t we all want to feel emotionally well and at peace?

In fact, I know very well why… it is often challenging for us to not identify with our emotional difficulties, or our reactions to certain triggers. Yet, when we can look at them as “blockages” that actually can be regulated, a whole new world of possibility opens up.

I want to acknowledge the fact that it is completely natural, normal,… human really, to be skeptical when we read or hear that it is indeed possible to release and resolve difficult, painful emotions, deep-seated trauma or unwanted behavior – that we sometimes have been carrying within us for as long as a lifetime, – in one or two sessions, using nothing else but our own natural, biological ability to do so.

I admit that this is not easy to take in or to even start considering…

I was skeptical, very skeptical. It is only when I tried Tipi on myself and regulated some of my difficulties, such as anxiety, stress, jealousy, anger and self-pity, that I finally accepted the fact that this technique works because it helped me to improve my life and made me a much happier person.

So, yes, be skeptical, but please be curious, too. Challenge what I am saying. Maybe challenge yourself and your beliefs a little also. I can only encourage you to experience a session and see, feel for yourself that healing is possible and that you do not have to live with the “pain,” the “stress,” the “trauma,” (…). Each session is an opportunity to grow, to outgrow your current limitations.

I can also put it this way: most of our fears, or emotional turmoil, do not make sense and are irrational. Sure, we can intellectually find and assign a reason why we are the way we are, why we are reacting a certain way: “I am getting mad in traffic because people are driving like lunatics!”, “I am lacking self-confidence because when I was a kid my parents did this or that…”, “I cannot have a normal relationship because my ex broke my heart two years ago…”

We can find an endless number of reasons why, convenient reasons, but this intellectual understanding does NOT bring healing. We still suffer…Tipi, on the other hand, can bring the healing we want and need.

Cedric Bertelli is recognized as a CAMFT-approved Continuing Education Provider (PCE 128410).

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