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The Professional Training:

Through this course the participants will learn to permanently regulate disruptive emotional patterns with others and yourself.

They will learn to use the body’s sensory memory to permanently resolve emotional/behavioral patterns, as well as current emotional responses created by past traumas.

Participants will learn how to support people in an emotional crisis, and afterward (during a session when an emotion is not actually active in them).

This class will also present a new understanding of human’s emotional functioning.

Tipi Pro is 3 hours of personnal one-on-one training through Skype (part 1), followed by 7 days, spread over 3 modules, in a group, in person with no more than 10 participants in each module.

Module 1 – 3 hours on Skype One-on-One. 1 hour + 2 hours
You will learn how to regulate your own emotions and how to help other people regulate theirs when they are experiencing stressful emotions ‘in the moment’.Before learning how to practice emotional regulation ‘in delayed time’ in the later modules (i.e. when the emotion is no longer active), it is critical to first learn how to regulate emotions in ‘real-time’ for yourself and for others.
This module consists of some theory followed by a series of practical role-plays to help you appropriate and integrate the capacity for emotional regulation.

Module 2 – 3 days in person.
In this module you will develop and deepen your practice of real-time emotional regulation on others (when the person is experiencing an emotional difficulty) and we will lay the foundation for emotional regulation in delayed-time (when the person is no longer experiencing the emotion).
This module consists of some theory followed by a series of live role plays and sessions between participants structured to deepen understanding of the process.
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Module 3 – 2 days in person.
Develop and master the process of helping other people regulate their emotions.
A pre-requisite to this module is completion of at least 10 new real-time regulations and 25 delayed-time emotional regulations on other people (with client notes for each session).
In this module the practical experience of each trainee since the previous module will guide us through the 2 days, providing the subject matter to look at the process from different angles, consolidating the knowledge and skills acquired so far and zooming in on specific points.

Module 4 – 2 days in person.
Deepen and validate your emotional regulation practice.
A pre-requisite to this module is completion of at least 50 delayed-time emotional regulations on other people.
In this module you will conduct a full session with a client of your choice. Each trainee will be assessed using objective criteria and provided with a personalised training plan to help them further develop their practice.
If the trainer considers that a trainee has not met the requisite criteria for certification, s/he will conduct a gap assessment and provide the trainee with a personalised training plan to help them develop the skills required to meet the criteria. Upon completion of the additional training plan, the trainee can attend a new Certification module.

Cost breakdown :
➜ $360.00 Registration Fee.
➜ $200.00 Module 1 (3 hours on Skype – One-on-One Training)
▫️ Due the day of the training.
➜ $900.00 Module 2 (3 days)
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➜ $600.00 Module 3 (2 days)
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➜ $600.00 Module 4 (2 days)
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NOTE: 12.5% of the cost is donated to our non-profit “Tipi English World”.

Once certified, your certification is valid for one year and can be renewed during an annual supervision.

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