Emotional Resolution with Cedric Bertelli

The goal of our work together is for you to experience a total and permanent resolution of an emotional pattern

The process can be done in person or via phone/Skype. Tipi Session
No matter where you are, you can permanently resolve an emotional pattern.
The protocols used were developed in collaboration with the Tipi association.

You can book an appointment to: Tipi session Tipi session 

  • Lift the impact of a past trauma
  • Resolve disruptive emotional or behavioral patterns (Such as phobias, nervousness, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, rage, jealousy, hypervigilance, anger, worry, rumination, inhibition, procrastination, and others)
  • Remove blocks including fears, or things that you “hate” doing but still have to do
  • Reduce stress for more effective participation in life
  • Reduce or eliminate the symptoms of chronic physical ailments, including asthma, eczema, rashes, back pain, joint pain, stiffness, sciatica, nervous ticks, gastro-intestinal problems, arthritis, persistent colds, TMG and many more.
  • Reduce or eliminate disruptive behaviors: such as OCDs, bulimia, anorexia, some addictions, procrastination (Several sessions necessary).

The goal of our work together is to experience total and permanent resolution of a specific difficulty.
Cost$300.00 for the complete resolution of your difficulty.
The resolution usually happens within three consultations.  Tipi session

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Three Resolutions Package: Resolving one emotional pattern is already fantastic, however you probably noticed that we usually have more that one major block in our life: Commit to three sessions and resolve three main emotional difficuties for $700.00 instead of $900.00.


If you wish to look at your emotional patterns seriously and experience drastic and radical changes in your life (relationships, dating, work, intimacy, self-confidence…), we are proposing the “Emotional Optimization Coaching Program“.
Over a period of 3 months you will be mentored in ordered to identify your limiting emotional patterns and guided to resolve them.
This program is litterally life changing. I will be by your side every step of the way.


We crafted an affordable 5 week online training with personalized coaching
, that will teach you how to Self-Regulate your disruptive emotional patterns.
I am really happy with this program and I am confident that it will give you the opportunity to take care of your emotional well-being.
All the details here


A session includes 3 steps:

1- A free assessment over the phone: You will explain to me the emotional difficulty you would like to work on.

I will let you know how to prepare for the session, as well as answer any questions. Time required: 15 minutes.

2- The actual session. Time required: 45 minutes maximum.

3- Follow up: few days after the session we will evaluate the result of our work. Time required: 45 minutes.

If the pattern is not completely resolved we will schedule another session at no charge.

What are the Benefits of this Work?

Remove emotional blocks, including things that you hate doing, but have to do anyway...

Resolve a disruptive emotional or behavioral pattern

Heal the impact of trauma

No need to revisit the traumatizing situation during a session

What happens during the actual session?

  • We sit facing each other, unless we are on the phone.

  • You are guided through a series of steps to access a situation that triggered your reaction.

  • Your attention is directed to the physical sensations tied to the reaction.

  • You are fully conscious during the session. 

  • There is no need to share any private details or personal history.

  • There is no physical contact.

  • The session will not trigger the original traumatizing situation.


We offer:

Efficiency : Resolution of a specific difficulty typically in a single 45 minute session. Results are permanent

Respect : No emotional resurfacing during the session. This natural process respects your biological and emotional integrity

Convenience : Sessions can be done in person, or on the phone

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