Success Stories

“Tipi was my last resort. I felt imprisoned by my fear until I met Cedric and his knowledge of  Tipi.
Even though it was not easy to make these kinds of confessions as they are really private, I told him about my fear and some details about it. He certainly listened to me and I congratulate him for his sensitivity.
Since our meeting, Cedric gave me back the freedom I lost 20 years ago.
The only regret I have today is that I wish I knew Tipi and Cedric before.
I would highly recommend Cedric as he is a very understanding therapist, and he basically just changed my life in a better way. You can trust me, it’s worth it.  “

Matthieu Nollet

“I’ve explored and experienced a range of therapies and therapeutic modalities over the decades.  Some analytical, some somatic based.  While at first enquiry Tipi may be similar to certain other methods, upon experiencing it, I discovered it to be quite distinct as a technique and, furthermore, outstandingly effective for the specific ‘issues’ I have applied the Tipi technique to.  What has also impressed me tremendously is the fact that one is not left dependent upon visiting a Tipi specialist time and time again, but can be taught to use the technique ‘autonomously’…  it is a powerful tool for personal development and well-being.  I wish I had been able to learn it while in my youth… it is incredibly empowering.”

Megan Gallagher

“I had one Tipi session with Cedric for an issue that had been bothering me for several months. He was clear in his explanation of the process, I felt totally comfortable working with him, and I found immediate relief through the work we did. The issue, and the accompanying anxiety, feel totally resolved to this day. I have recommended the work to several people since my session and will absolutely continue to.”

Ann Langley

“I’ve had a bridge phobia for over seven years.  One session of Tipi with Cedric made it so that I was able to drive over the bridge for the first time in years, without panicking. I’m very grateful and believe Tipi is a quick and effective way to treat debilitating anxiety, etc.  Thank you, Cedric!”

Karen Elizabeth

“Simply put, Tipi has changed my life…

Because of its simple, yet effective sensory evoking technique, I was able to awaken to my true self through my physical body and live my life in the present moment.

Difficult initially, yet due to my desire for growing and the powerful and gentle teachings from a Tipi specialist, and by working with the Tipi community, I have been able to resolve my past conditioning, and enjoy a much more fulfilled life.”

David Song

“Quite some time passed since our last TIPI session.
I am totally changed and words can’t express the way I feel!! I am speechless 🙂
Yesterday we even invited my husband’s parents and we spent a great day together.
I have warm feeling towards them – no feeling of anger or whatsoever. When I think of the past I have got the feeling as if there is no emotional attachment to the past experiences any more – Well in fact – I am not even interested in those long ago past stories.

You really saved the life of my family and I am sooo happy. Finally, I could come to peace and have all my energy at my exposal again!! I should have met you many years earlier!!”

Kelsey Harmon

“OMG you are my and Kerstin’s hero. She can’t stop gushing about how effective and life-changing your session with her was. I have so many more stories to share! She’s savoring every minute of her new-found freedom. I almost think we need to record her and document her life before and after TIPI. It’s so dramatic and so miraculous!”

Amanda Sals

“I feel like a new person. I have enjoyed the whole week so far since we last talked.
I feel that comfortable so that I want to postpone our next session. Of course, there are some more feelings I’d like to resolve, however, at the moment I feel so fine that I just want to enjoy and relax :-)”

Kersten Sals

“I am so happy to have met you all and I am in awe about the magic of Tipi! How many disruptive emotions did we resolve in just 3 days?!!! Just amazing!

The energy of our group was extremely inspiring!!!
I am now determined to take this journey further!”

Lisa de Aguila

I did my first tipi session with a personal training client this morning
It went incredibly well.

She was successful immediately.
I’m following up with her next week.

I did my SECOND SESSION THIS AFTERNOON!!!! with a member of the SFPD!
He was also successful immediately! He told me that his anger issues felt like they subsided right away. I’m following up with him next week too.
He was “floored” (his words) and said that this could be useful in police work. Duh! Hahahaha

I’m so happy to be able to do this.
I can’t wait to learn more!

Nancy Quinn

“As a psychotherapist I am always looking for tools to assist my clients in self-care.  Tipi is a wonderful way clients can use their own inner resources to address the issues that block them from enjoying their lives.  Immediately following the Tipi training I was able to apply Tipi in my practice.  My clients have been amazed with the positive results.  And, personally I have been able to enjoy the benefits of tipi in relieving stress in my life.  I am an avid advocate for the healing Tipi provides.”

Janet Monroe
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