Tipi Direct

Help people ‘in the moment’ when they are experiencing an emotional difficulty.

This training is for:
- People in the helping professions (nurses, care givers, doctors, dentists, etc.)
- People working in emergency situations (paramedics, firemen, policemen, etc.)
- In sport and education (teachers, trainers, etc.)
- In business (coaches, team leaders, etc.)
- Anyone who wants to help their colleagues, friends and family emotionally.

Through this course you will learn to give an helping hand to anyone facing an emotional difficulty in front of you: bringing them to an immediate state of calm and allowing them to resolve the emotional pattern that led them to the emotion they were just feeling.

The trainings are organised in groups of 10 maximum

The trainings include some theory but are essentially made up of role-plays using situations provided by participants.

Course registration will be confirmed via email once we have accepted your application and have received a deposit.

The training can take place:

On 1-on-1 over two 2 hour sessions, 2 weeks apart. $300 / per person
Or in a group over two 3 hour sessions, 2 weeks apart. $200 / per person

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