Emotional Health Institute

The Emotional Health Institute aims to create communities where individuals, children, and families are thriving emotionally; free from the otherwise long-lasting effects of fear and trauma.

A child who is thriving emotionally is a better student, sibling, friend.

An adult who is thriving emotionally is a better employee, neighbor, parent.

The Emotional Health Institute is using an innovative strategy: The Tipi technique for Emotional Regulation, to help people better their lives.

We are using a somatic approach that resolves the current ways in which a trauma or a recurrent emotional difficulty is impeding daily life.

The Emotional Health Institute was established as a nonprofit (501c3) in 2012 to provide free and discounted trainings for emotional regulation to low-income adults as well as schools and other nonprofit institutions.

The Emotional Health Institute has three programs:

  • Personal Empowerment Training
    A two part training for adults (14 years old ++) to learn how to self regulate negative emotions.
    Next Training in San Francisco

  • Strong Families Training
    Trainings teaching low incomes parents how to resolve fears and blockages with their kids.

  • School Success Training
    Trainings for educators working with children.


2017 Numbers Served

  • In the Bay Area alone, we taught over 500 adults how to regulate their emotional difficulties through our free trainings Personal Empowerment.

  • 105 teachers were trained to use Emotional Resolution with Children thanks to our collaboration with Dedication Special Education (DSE) and the Marin County Office of Education.

Currently more than 10,000 sessions a month are helping people overcome their emotional difficulties throughout Europe and the United States.
The Emotional Health Institute is the only organization doing both training and therapeutic sessions in the USA.

Participating Institution

  • Bay Area Community Resources (BACR)

  • California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS)

  • Glide Memorial Church

  • Marin County Office of Education

  • Strawberry Point School

  • Los Gatos Therapy Center

Testimonials from teachers:
“During a science investigation one of my students became extremely frustrated because he couldn’t identify his snail in a terrarium. He approached me for help and as his words tumbled out I saw his eyes filling with tears. I asked to place his hand on where he was feeling something in his body. We did the steps taught by the Emotional Health Institute. Within a moment he appeared clear headed and calm. We created a plan to solve his situation and he was able to resolve the issue and participated in the lesson fully!”
“While helping out in a 1st grade class, children were getting ready to start dancing as part of a classroom assignment. While watching them, I saw a little girl obviously very embarrassed and scared to dance with the group. I approached her and did an intervention with her (I learnt this intervention at the “Emotional Regulation for Children” Course). After 10 secondes or so, she felt fine, joined the class and danced like nothing had happened. Since this one time, she is not feeling embarrassed to dance anymore!”

Testimonial from a teacher who did a regulation on a child who was throwing tantrums and refused to type poems:
“My student came in this morning, made a little joke about not wanting to type his poems, but then sat down and typed them without making a peep. Afterwards he said, “Maybe I can type those other poems after all.”  (I had told them he didn’t have to do all of them).”

Story from a speech therapist:
“I took the Emotional Regulation for Children’s course last year and it completely changed my perspective on emotional regulation with my students.  As a speech therapist I often work with students who experience difficulty with regulating their own emotions.  This can cause them to shut down and to be unavailable for learning.  After taking the class I was able to use what I learned right away.  The process is fast, easy, and effective.  Now when I work with a student who is feeling blocked or frustrated, I spend less than a minute helping them to regulate, and then we get back to work. I noticed that once regulated, an emotional difficulty or a learning blockage is not coming back in the future.”




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