Discovering Tipi

Feathery grasses in foreground above a rocky shoreline. Overcome feelings of anxiety and fear.

From as far as I can remember (probably my kindergarten years), I always have been an anxious person. I held, within me, a lot of fears, anxieties, anger… you name it. As a teenager and young adult, I could hide this side of me behind work, good results in school, humor… but it expressed itself negatively throughout my body; I was dealing with eczema, asthma, anxiety/anger crisis at home…

After attending culinary school, I pursued a career in the restaurant business, I wanted to bring joy to people through food. Once in the professional world, I became very successful. However, if everything seemed easy and smooth for me from the outside, inside, I was still dealing with a great deal of anxiety and fears. In my mid-twenties, I decided to go on a personal « quest ». I experienced several kinds of body and psychological techniques to overcome my own anxieties so I could better help my employees and the people around me… Although many of the modalities I experienced were powerful, most of them required a lot of effort, time and money… and the effects were not permanent; it was a lifelong ongoing process. That was not what I was looking for… I believe in work, but I also believe in definitive results!

In 2009, I was ready to quit my job; I just had enough of dealing with corporate stuff. Quit my job, ok, but for what? that was when I found the work of a fellow French man, Luc Nicon, creator of the Tipi Research program.

What triggered my interest is that Luc Nicon was not a spiritual teacher, or even a therapist. He was a researcher who was working in the education field, with athletes and major companies. What was also appealing to me about this work was the fact that anyone could learn it for themselves and be completely autonomous quickly (in 3 hours…).

I read his book that explains his research (a study on 300 cases), and became really interested in this process.

I contacted Luc to ask more information, and his answer was quite simple:

“I am not going to try to convince you, try the process on yourself: You can do so when you are triggered, when you are in an emotional difficulty”. This process will last 2.5 minutes max, but most of the time, it will be 30 seconds. After that, the emotion you started your session with will be resolved… permanently, it will just not be a part of your life anymore”.

Hmmm, it was a bit too simple, a bit disappointing actually… I did not think it will do anything thrilling, but I have tried things a lot crazier than this stuff before, so what the hell, I gave it a shot.

The next opportunity came quite fast: every week, I was extremely triggered when one  coworker was giving his comments during a weekly meeting… This Friday afternoon, as usual, when Alphonse started speaking, I felt a lot of anger coming up. “Perfect!” I excused myself, went to the bathroom, locked the door and did this Tipi thing:

  • I closed my eyes

  • Paid attention to my physical sensations (my throat was tight and dry, my stomach twisted, and I was feeling abnormally hot)

  • I stayed with these sensations, without trying to change them, just staying present with them.

  • And they indeed evolved: what was tight became loose, my temperature rose even more, then went down, my stomach untwisted, and I felt that all my blood left me from my belly button… then came back to me in a nice warm feeling.

  • I just let all that happen without doing anything

  • Until I felt calm… I then opened my eyes.

I came back to the meeting, feeling a little tired but calm.

The interesting part is that the following week, at the same meeting, I was not triggered at all. Intrigued, I repeated the process a few more times on different issues (road rage…), and every time the emotional difficulty I worked on would not come back.

Something potent was happening, something that I did not understand, but that was just working.

A new life was about to start…