Learn to Help Yourself

Master the technique for yourself to achieve freedom from emotional patterns

This training will allow you to regulate your emotional patterns at anytime on your own

  • Gain full autonomy in your emotional life, free of restricting patterns

  • Learn how to regulate your reactions any time, any place

  • The technique is simple and accessible

  • The training is personalized to meet your unique needs

  • Use Emotional Resolution on your own whenever a difficult emotion arises, or after an emotional experience has passed

The training is three one-hour classes over six weeks (1-on-1):

1st hour: How to resolve an emotion in the moment you feel it

2nd hour: Resolve emotional patterns even a long time after being triggered

3rd hour: Follow up to ensure that your process for emotional resolution is understood and effective

Please note, participating to this training will not allow you to use the technique with anyone other than yourself. If you would like to be trained to support others, please see the page Training for Professionals.

3 sessions x 1 hour and coaching follow-ups.

Cost: $300