Training for Professionals

Through this course the participants will learn to permanently resolve disruptive emotional patterns with others and for themselves.
They will learn to use the viscero-somatic quieting process to permanently resolve emotional/behavioral patterns, as well as current emotional responses created by past traumas.

CEUs available, Cedric is a CAMFT-approved Continuing Education Provider (PCE 128410)

Participants will learn how to support people in an emotional crisis, and afterward (during a session when an emotion is not actually active in them).

This class will also present a new understanding of human’s emotional functioning.

How to register?

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The Professional Training is 2 hours of personal one-on-one training through Skype (part 1), followed by 6 days, spread over 2 modules, in a group, in person with no more than 10 participants in each module;
and finally 2 hours of private coaching few weeks after the last module.
Certification is good for 1 year, Supervisions are offered every year to maintain it current.
After Certification exciting advanced courses are available.


Module 1 - 2 hours on Skype One-on-One (1 hour + 1 hour).
You will learn how to regulate your own emotions ‘in the moment’.
Before learning to help others, it is critical to first learn how to take good care of yourself.
This module consists of some theory followed by some “real life” practice to help you integrate your capacity for emotional resolution.

Module 2 - 3 days in person.
In this module you will develop your practice of real-time emotional resolution on others (when the person is experiencing an emotional difficulty) and we will lay the foundation for emotional resolution in delayed-time (when the person is no longer experiencing the emotion). This module consists of some theory followed by a series of live role plays and sessions between participants structured to deepen understanding of the process.  

Module 3 - 3 days in person.
Develop and master the process of helping other people resolve their emotion. A pre-requisite to this module is completion of at least 10 new real-time regulations and 25 delayed-time emotional regulations on other people (with client notes for each session). In this module the practical experience of each trainee since the previous module will guide us through the 2 first days, providing the subject matter to look at the process from different angles, consolidating the knowledge and skills acquired so far and zooming in on specific points.
The third day will be an assessment of the participants knowledge through actual sessions with clients.

Module 4 - 2 hours on Skype One-on-One.
- Deepen the understanding of the emotional resolution process.
- Answer any questions that the participant might have.
- Explore and strengthen any weaker areas in the practice of emotional resolution.
At the end of these 2 hours you will be Certified and listed on the Website as an Emotional Resolution Specialist.

Cost breakdown :

➜ $200.00 Module 1 (2 hours on Skype - One-on-One Training)  

➜ $700.00 Module 2 (3 days in person)  

➜ $700.00 Module 3 (3 days in person)  

➜ $200.00 Module 4 (2 hours on Skype - One-on-One Training)  

Once certified, your Certification is valid for one year and can be renewed during an annual supervision.

Upcoming Training Dates:
Dates: March 8th, 9th, 10th 2019
Time:  9:30am to 6:00pm. 
Location: San Francisco, CA.

Dates:  April 26th, 27th, 28th 2019
Time:  9:30am to 6:00pm. 
Location: San Francisco, CA.

Dates:  May 24th, 25th, 26th 2019
Time:  9:30am to 6:00pm. 
Location: San Francisco, CA.

Dates: June 21st, 22nd, 23rd 2019
Time:  9:30am to 6:00pm.
Location: Portland, OR.