Training for Professionals

This training is tailored toward healthcare and personal development professionals. In this course, participants gain the knowledge and experience required to help people utilize their capacity for resolving dysfunctional emotional patterns. Two distinct approaches will be covered: you will learn to help clients in crisis or at the moment of a stressful emotion; and, you will be able to help clients resolve unwanted emotional patterns after-the-fact, when the client is not overwhelmed by the emotion, but wishes to resolve it permanently (e.g. phobia, anxiety, inhibition, irritability, depression, and any other stressful emotional reaction).
This course applies innovative teaching methods to equip participants with the skills and foundational knowledge required to practice emotional resolution professionally.
As a certified Emotional Resolution practitioner, you will be offered continuous education and will have access to a solid and supportive network of fellow practitioners.

CEUs available, Cedric is a CAMFT-approved Continuing Education Provider (PCE 128410)

Upcoming Training Dates:
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Organization, cost and registration

➜$800.00 (includes the registration fee)- 3 days in a group, in person: 
Understanding emotions and learning to do sessions with clients. 
10 sessions with clients

➜ $200.00 -3 hours in a group, on  Zoom 
Understanding the difficulties encountered by the practitioner and personal coaching.
15 sessions with clients

➜$600.00 - 2 days in a group, in person
Troubleshooting, understanding in depth and resolving any difficulties encountered. 
Identifying our hidden fears.
20 sessions with clients

➜$400.00 Certification 1-on-1 via Zoom
Record and re-transcribe one session with a client + your comments (self-critic). 
This will be followed by a final "touching base” session with your trainer, granting you (or not) your Certification.
If the Certification is not obtained at this point, your trainer will propose specific steps in order for you to be Certified.

Note: In order to be Certified, as a part of the learning process, you will need to do 5 Resolutions on yourself with Certified Practitioners, at the flat rate of $100.00 each.

Course Content

Module 1 - 3 days in person.
In this module we will lay the foundation for emotional resolution in delayed-time (when the person is no longer experiencing the emotion). This module consists of some theory about emotional functioning, followed by actual sessions between participants.

Module 2 - 3 hours on  Zoom.
Understanding the difficulties encountered by the practitioners and personal coaching.

Module 3 - 2 days in person.
Develop and master the process of helping other people resolve their emotion. A pre-requisite to this module is completion of at least 25 delayed-time emotional regulations on other people (with client notes for each session). In this module the practical experience of each trainee since the previous module will guide us through those 2 days, providing the subject matter to look at the process from different angles, consolidating the knowledge and skills acquired so far and zooming in on specific points.

Module 4 - 2 hours on  Zoom One-on-One.
- Deepen the understanding of the emotional resolution process. 
- Answer any questions that the participant might have.
- Explore and strengthen any weaker areas in the practice of emotional resolution.

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