Online Course for Emotional Freedom

Hello and Welcome! I am thrilled to offer you this 5-week online course. I crafted five videos for you. Through these videos and a series of simple exercises you will precisely and clearly learn how to use your physiologic capacity for emotional resolution.

Remember, what you will learn here is not a technique nor a protocol; rather, it is the opportunity to allow your body to do what it is supposed to do: physiologically "digest" past events to permanently resolve emotional patterns.

You will probably un-learn a lot, and become aware of a natural process that is available to each one of us!

Throughout the course, you will have unlimited access to me via email to ask me questions about the specific topics discussed in the video you just watched. Additionally, at the end of the five week course you will have a one-on-one consulting session with me. During this time together we will discuss your results and I will teach you how to identify your subconscious fears in order for you to be able to resolve them. Once you are registered, I will send you one video per week.

Have fun! I look forward to talking with you at the end of the program!

Until September 30th, his course is $97.00, instead of $297.00!

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