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Cedric Bertelli is the Director of Tipi USA; formally trained by French Pedagogue and Tipi founder, Luc Nicon. Since 2009 Cedric has worked in close collaboration with Mr. Nicon in France and in the US - making him the only expert certified to teach his work in English-speaking countries.

During the years working with Mr. Nicon, Cedric developed complete mastery of Tipi, in addition to acquiring considerable knowledge on the sensory memory, commonly known as "unconscious body memory".

Having the ability to measure on himself and hundreds of clients; Cedric has experienced the effectiveness and speed at which emotional and behavioral patterns (even those that are very old) can be permanently regulated when the body is allowed to do its work.

Cedric is available for Speaking and Interview engagements on the following topics:

A Natural Ability for Emotional Resolution: Understand and learn how to regulate your own disruptive emotional patterns. Every single time we feel a difficult emotion offers a natural window to regulate it, integrate it, completely and permanently.

During this short 1 hour workshop, participants will precisely learn how to regulate their recurrent emotional difficulties the most natural way possible: by using their sensory memory from an instant of emotion.

Understand the origin of our recurrent emotional difficulties Luc Nicon founder of the Tipi research program is recognized in Europe for 2 major discoveries:

  • Isolating a universal natural ability for emotional regulation

    1. Linking through a landmark study our current emotional responses to episodes of unwilling losses of consciousness happening most of the time during the pre-natal period and at birth.

During this time together you will learn how, according to the Tipi research program, recurrent emotional responses are created and why they can be completely integrated by the body extremely rapidly and permanently.

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