Stop Trying so hard…

Neon Sign that says work harder in blue. Stop and accept who we truly are. Overcome fear, stress, anger. Feel more self confident.

It seems that everywhere I look, there are workshops, apps, videos there to improve my life, make me a better man, more efficient, more connected.

Because you know: you’ve got to have a better life, make more money, be a “Boss”, be a better person…

So Yes! We take workshops, follow Gurus, Webinars, we read the latest book on spirituality, Self-Improvement, watch videos of exciting talks on YouTube - drooling on how awesome it must feel to be Tony Robbins; reading inspiring quotes that pop up on our Facebook page (those are just awesome!) …

We are trying so hard, so damn hard!!

I am no expert. But what if... we are trying too hard?

What if the idea was to stop trying, and to just accept? Accept who we truly are.

Once we accept ourselves - our good sides and our shadows; we start to evolve, without trying, without having to push through things or fears, without trying to always change or improve.

We are not only kind, strong, generous, helpful, courageous... we can also be a coward, racist, homophobic, egoistic, scared, angry, unsecured, cheap… and it’s all completely fine, if we stop lying to ourselves.

When we live our lives without accepting who we truly are, life will simply materialize situations that reflect the parts of us we don’t want to see. Over and over again. Once we accept who we are, life just stops bringing on the same patterns.

The true question is who are we? Who are we really?

What are these parts of us that we don’t like? These parts that some of us spend a hell of a lot of energy hiding (from others and ourselves), controlling, and placing blame?

We put so much effort on we want others to see, to like, to respect, and at times, to fear…but when we stop and simply accept who we are, things start to change, to shift, to become more peaceful, more exciting, lighter. Then, we can naturally evolve and grow.

So, fine… accepting, that’s interesting; how do you do that concretely?

It is quite easy to get started to see the impact of accepting, immediately. The good news is that it is not just a theory – it is something you can apply right away in your life.

When we are feeling an uncomfortable emotion (fear, stress, anger, hatred, judgement, jealousy, deep sadness without reason) …Simply stop and feel.

Don’t run, don’t scream, don’t take a deep breath, don’t control the feelings, don’t grab a drink or do yoga; don’t sit down to meditate on the deeper meaning or the reason of your feeling or behavior.

Stop. Close your eyes, and notice what physical sensations are present in your body. Become physically aware of what this emotion feels in you and stay connected to your physical sensations and observe them as they evolve. You will see that the sensations are not staying static, but will start to change, to transform…observe the sensations for as they change (they will not evolve longer that 1.5 minutes, most of the time they will dissipate within 45 seconds). Once your body feels calm, quiet; open your eyes.

That’s it.

Recognize what is there in you; even if it’s not pretty. Become intimate with it, physically experiencing what this emotion is made of (without doing anything else than consciously surrendering to the physical sensations).

That is Emotional Resolution. Simply Human and Natural.

Our life can change by itself, if we stop trying to change it, to fix it, to control it. Permanent changes and growth come from this place.

Are you willing to give it a try?